How to Wash Tennis Shoes in Washer

Is it feasible to clean tennis shoes in washer? Yes! Many people are unaware of how to wash tennis shoes in washer. The numerous shoes can be washed in a machine, saving time and money.

If you have taken a muddy walk around the park or your kids have brought dirty footwear home from P.E. class, don’t toss them out just yet. This article will help you to know about washing tennis shoes in the washing machine.


Which sorts of shoes can be machine-washed?

Before putting shoes in washing machine, check the care instructions for how to wash tennis shoes in washer.

  • Canvas and tennis shoes consisting of nylon, cotton, and polyester can usually be washed in the washing machine.
  • Detergent should not affect these materials because they are hard.
  • While some shoes can be machine washed, many others need to be hand-cleaned or treated with extra care.
  • Leather, suede, rubber, and vinyl shoes cannot be washed in the washing machine.
  • To avoid damage, take your shoes to a shoe repair and cleaning specialist if they are made of delicate fabrics (such as silk) or include beading, embroidery, sequins, or other embellishments.
  • Always double-check the care instructions to be sure your shoes can be securely washed and dried.

cleaning tennis shoes in washing machine


A step-by-step guide on how to wash tennis shoes in washer

It is not difficult to wash tennis shoes in a washing machine, but it does require some preparation. Check your shoes’ care and cleaning instructions to be sure they’re machine-washable and dryer-safe before you start. Next, double-check that you have the required tools and materials:

  • Garment bags made of mesh
  • Detergent for liquid laundry
  • An old toothbrush or a soft brush
  • A cleanser made of cream
  • Towels that have seen better days

After you’ve gathered all of your equipment, you can start cleaning your shoes by following the procedures below.

Step 1: To begin, remove your shoes’ laces and insoles.

Step 2: You can wash your shoelaces in the washing machine if you put them in a mesh garment bag with a zipper or a secure closure.
This prevents your laces from becoming caught in the washer or wrapping around moving elements. If your laces are very filthy, you can clean them manually with a gentle brush and laundry detergent.

Step 3: Unless otherwise specified in the care directions, wash your insoles separately. If you wash your insoles in the machine, they may become soggy and take days to dry. You can clean and deodorize your insoles by hand if they aren’t machine washable.

Gently clean down your insoles with slightly soapy water using a gentle brush or rag. Next, soak up as much extra moisture as possible with a sponge.

After that, sprinkle the insoles with baking soda and leave them to deodorize and absorb any remaining moisture overnight. Once your insoles are completely dry, you can replace them in your shoes.

4th Step: Remove as much dirt or debris from the bottoms of your shoes as possible with a soft brush.

After the filth has been removed, apply a shoe cleaner to the scuff marks with a rag or soft brush. Scuffs should be gently rubbed in with the cleanser, then wiped away with a moist rag.

Step 5: To avoid your shoes from banging about in the washer, place them in a mesh garment bag after washing the soles.

Step 6: Toss the bag, along with a couple of old towels, into the washing machine to help balance the load. Would you please make sure the towels are old, as newer ones may leech excess dye into your shoes, staining them?

Step 7: Select a slow or no-spin option on your washing machine’s delicate, cold water cycle. If powder detergent doesn’t dissolve correctly, it can get caught in shoes, so use liquid detergent instead.

Step 8: When the wash cycle is finished, take your shoes and laces out of the mesh garment bags and air dries them.

Place your shoes in an excellent spot where they will get plenty of sunshine if at all possible. This makes the drying process go faster.

Step 9: It may take a few days for your shoes to dry. While using a dryer without a drying rack is not recommended because the heat and tumble may damage or warp shoes, if you’re in a hurry, you can use it.

To protect your boots, wrap them in old towels and put them in the dryer on the delicate or air fluff option.

Step 10: Replace the insoles in your shoes and re-tie the laces once everything is dry. The only thing left to do now is going out in your brand-new shoes!


Tennis shoes in the washer


You can watch the entire video here on how to wash tennis shoes in washer.


This sincere approach will save you a lot of time and work, no matter how dirty your tennis shoes get. Make sure not to miss any section of the instructions if you want to risk damaging your shoes.


Is it possible to damage a washing machine by putting shoes in it?

Only if you allow the washing machine to destroy your shoes will it eventually damage your shoes. Use a washing mesh bag to protect your shoes, or fill the washer with pillowcases or towels to balance it and minimize repeated pushes from the drummer inside.

How to wash Nike tennis shoes in washer?

Tennis shoes of all varieties, including leather and cotton, can be washed in the washing machine. You can double-check cleaning instructions by consulting the manufacturer’s instructions. Also, avoid using harsh cleaning products such as bleach.

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